An American Inventor


 Frederick McKinley Jones was born in Cincinnati in 1892. He was orphaned when he was nine years old, and he had to quit school after finishing the sixth grade. He found a job and worked hard to support himself.

    Jones was always interested in taking machines apart and putting them together again. As he grew older he enjoyed designing racing cars that he drove on racetracks. Jonesís name drew attention in the 1920ís when he invented some machine parts that made it possible for silent movie projectors to run films with sound. His invention was much better and cheaper than one already on the market.

    In 1935 Jones began work on the invention that was to make him famous. One day his employer was playing golf with a farmer. The farmer complained that he had lost many truckloads of his crops because they had spoiled during the shipping. Jonesís employer said that perhaps his company could build a truck to solve the problem of foodís spoiling while it was being taken across the country. When Jones heard what his employer had told the farmer, he began putting old odds and ends of machinery together. When he had finished building his machine, he attached it to a truck.

  Jones had created the first mechanically refrigerated truck. This meant that food could be shipped longer distances across the country without spoiling. Fresher and better food would be awaiting the American people in stores. Jonesís invention was a success. His employer formed a company to make the new machines. Jones became the vice-president of the company.

    Joneís mechanical refrigerating system was soon placed in ships and railway cars. And today that same system is used to transport rocket fuel. The American people would not enjoy many of the good foods they eat if it were not for Frederick Jonesís wonderful invention.

patent = a grant made by the government to an inventor, assuring all rights to make, use, and sell an invention.





 June 27, 1939              Ticket Dispensing Machine

 Dec. 14, 1943                Removable Cooling Unit for Compartments

 Dec. 21, 1943                Automatically Starting and Stopping Gas Engine

 July 12, 1949                 Air Conditioning Unit

 July 12, 1949                 Starter Generator

 Nov. 28, 1950               Two-Cycle Internal-Combustion Engine

 Jan. 8, 1952                   Refrigeration Control Device

 Feb. 12, 1957                Method and Means for Preserving Perishable Foodstuffs in Transit

 Feb. 23, 1960                Thermostat and Temperature Control System

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office